LPL Update -Nov2020




Hi Guys,

Well, as of this writing, Nov 9th, we are officially shut down for the season. 46 states have been banned New York State. The bordering states of Conn., New Jersey, and Pennsylvania are advised not to come, but are not officially banned. Because of the commuter traffic that goes back and forth across the borders for work, they can`t logically ban them. They are advised not to go across borders for recreational purposes but they won`t enforce it, so?

In a way, it is just as well. The weather this past month was brutal?!!! In a 10 day period we were blown off the Lake "5" days, with a total of 8 for the month!! There were winds over 50 mph and waves over 6 feet!! It is definitely getting worse and worse every year?!! After all these years being out there, I can honestly say ,in my opinion, climate change is happening and humans are mostly to blame, no doubt in my mind! I truly believe If the human race doesn`t do something soon, our children`s children are really going to suffer. It is happening so fast, I think is is already too late for our children! Right now I don`t think our grand kids will have any fishing or hunting opportunities, I really don`t?!

Being said though, when we did get out there, we did do pretty well, as you can see from these great photos from this past month. Pretty nice ones , huh?!!


Right now, because of the corona virus, it doesn`t look like there will be any sport shows this winter. I haven`t heard from any of the show people except for the Suffern show and they will let us know by Dec 15th. I`m sure they need time to set up all the venues.

I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you who helped us out by sending their reviews of us to "Google" and "Trip advisor". That will help us out a lot, especially this winter, If there are no shows.

Well Guys, I guess that is it for now


Be Safe

- Pete