LPL Update - October 2016



Fall Fishing is Here!


Well it’s October and the hot weather has finally gone!!  We’ve had a very slow start to our fall fishing season. Up until this past week the water temperatures have been in the mid-70s, that`s normal for mid-summer!  As of this writing though, the air and water temps have dropped into the mid-60s and the bass and pike are starting to feed.

Unless we have a drastic cold spell, it looks like November is going to be excellent for bass and pike!  It was not that long ago that bass and pike fishing was way over by then! That’s really unbelievable!

Most of these photos are from the past 2 weeks.  Most of the action this past month has been deep water trolling of trout and salmon, almost 100% success!  Some guys switched from their proposed bass fishing to trout and salmon because that is where the action was, and, they brought some nice delicious salmon home!

In another month or so the trout and salmon will be right on the top where we will either be flat lining for them on the surface or casting for them which is a lot of fun.

As I mentioned before the bass and pike are really starting to feed now and we found a lot of schooled fish almost on shore!  We are starting to catch them on top-water and suspended jerkbaits!

Well Guys the Fall Fishing is finally hear and I hope to see or hear from you soon!!

Have a good one!