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LPL Update - September 2016

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Get Ready for Lunker Time


I hope you are all surviving the summer? It`s been brutally "HOT" here too!! The summer fishing here, as everywhere else, is always slow but it has been even more so this summer? The mean water temperature on Champlain reached almost "80 degrees"!!! I don`t remember a time when that has ever happened before?! I have also been told that the big lake`s water level is at an all time low, not just for the time of the year, but "ever"!! Which means we have to be extra careful this fall!! Normally we average about 4 days in the summer that get 90 degrees or above. This year we've already had 14!! You know, for all you guys that live south of us, I am really sorry!!! I don't know how you can take it? I melt very easily you know.

Considering the heat, the fishing wasn't too bad. It was just tough being out there. The most productive fishing was deepwater trolling for Lake trout and salmon.

Here are the photos from this past month:


As many of you know I had to go for surgery this summer , and it went well! I should be back in action in a couple of weeks. Way back when, no one told me that fishing is an "EXTREME" sport!


It seems like each year we put off the start of our fall fishing season later and later. And that is because we want our fishermen to come at the best possible time to catch a lot of fish. At one time, September was one of our best months for fishing, and Labor Day weekend was one of the busiest?!! Now, due to climate change, Sept is now a summer month and much too warm for good fishing. The fall fishing starts later now and last longer?! Last year we fished right thru December and we didn't put our boats away until after Christmas. It's really unbelievable!! If any of you are planning on coming up to fish with us this fall and have to come in September, make it as late as possible, just to be sure! The last 2 weeks of September were good last year. We do need the water temperatures to drop into the 60s. That's what starts the fish to feed in the fall. The water temperatures might cool sooner, but who knows, right?

Late Sept to mid Oct has been a good time to catch our bass and pike on or near the surface. All kinds of top waters work, as well as suspended jerkbaits and senko type lures. Then as the water cools we change to deeper crank baits and deeper suspended baits. From about late October right into December now, we're fishing jigs, dropshot, and blade baits as the fish move deeper. At that same time, Late October, The salmon and trout come to the surface, long the shorelines and up some rivers (if there is enough water), and we fish for them either by casting for them, or trolling right on the surface with trolling flies, spoons, spinners, or stickbaits. And that fishing lasts right thru December, weather permitting of course.

Check this out, here are some photos from just last fall:


For those of you who have't booked yet and are planning to fish with us this fall, give us a call as soon as you can. Especially if it has to be a weekend , they book up fast! Our number is 518-963-7351.

Whether you are after trophy Bass, Pike, Trout, or Salmon, "Fall" is the time for the largest fish of the year. We catch more 6 lbs plus bass, 10 lbs plus pike, 5 lbs plus landlocked salmon, and more10 lbs plus lakers in the fall then any other time of the year.

Well guys, I hope to hear from you all real soon! Remember, Fall is "Lunker" time and it's the last great fishing before that long winter ahead!


Most of you who fish with us know our good friend and fisherman, Tom Sommers.   Well I want you to know that after a long year for him, he is back among the "EMPLOYED"!!!! YEA  TOM!                                                                                                 

Bye for now,


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