LPL Update - September 2014



Hey guys, we finally have some new shirts in and I think you are going to like them!!

Hi Everyone!

I hope all of you had a great summer! As you can see by these photos from July and August we did pretty good, mostly from July. August is almost always very slow. We didn`t catch numbers, but the size was there.

Lunker Time

Lunker time is almost upon us! That is the time of the year when we catch our largest fish of the year. And that goes for almost all the species we fish for?! As of this writing,( last week of August,) The water temperatures are still in the mid to upper 70s which is still quite warm. Usually around mid to late Sept The water temperatures drop into the 60s and the fall bite begins. At that time the bass and pike are following the bait right into the shallows and that`s when our “Top Water”bite begins!! We are also using senko type lures, shallow crankbaits, and jerkbaits at that time. That type of fishing lasts until around mid Oct and then the fish start moving a little deeper but are really feeding like crazy for the winter ahead. We then switch over to tube jigs, speed craws, dropshot, swim baits, blade baits, and deeper diving crank baits and jerk baits. We fish them right to the end of the season which is usually around mid November. We catch more 5 to 6 lb largemouths and smallmouths, and more 10 to 20 lb pike at that time of the year then any other time!! That is also true for our Trout and Salmon fishing, “Way” bigger fish in the fall. Because they are cold water fish, they usually don`t come up to the surface or near shore, until around late October. At that time it is nearly all surface or near surface fishing, which I prefer. At that time we are either casting to them or trolling for them near the surface with trolling flies, spoons, plugs, and spinners right through November. As you can see, the last 2 weeks of Oct and the first 2 weeks of Nov, it is possible to catch trout and salmon and bass and pike, all in ONE day !!!! That is considered our Grand Slam!! Also, in October and November, our Landlocked Salmon run up the rivers to spawn, which at that time of year the regulations for fishing them are, Fly or Bait fishing “No Weight”. It is a great time for fly fishing for those fantastic Landlocks, they have been catching some real monsters this year and in the fall, they are all big ones! Our big landlocks run 6 to 8 lbs and our Lake Trout are going over 15!!

Long Pond

Our Lake, Long Pond, Has been pretty good all summer but mostly early morning and late evening which has been basically top water. Now the guys are catching some nice ones during the day on jig and pig, worms, and senkos. Once you get into October, the Pond definitely turns on and you can get them on almost every lure, fast or slow!!!


Hey guys, we finally have some new shirts in and I think you are going to like them!! We have 2 kinds, one is a Long Pond shirt and the other is a Lake Champlain shirt and I think they look pretty cool. We will try to put them up on the Website pretty soon, along with our new Polarized sun glasses.


Come on Up

Well guys, I guess that is it for another newsletter. I hope all of you can make it up one more time this year. I know a lot of you hunt in the fall, but maybe you can put aside a few days to come up and fish with us?! REMEMBER, IT`S A LONG WINTER AHEAD!!!!

Bye for now,