LPL Update - November 2017



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Hi Guys,

Well, what do you think of these fish, Nice huh?! These are just some of the fish we caught these past couple of weeks.  The Bass are in!! Also, some of those big bass were caught in our lake right behind the lodge.  It is late, but the big pike are just starting to hit, and in the next update should have some nice photos of some 15 to 20 pounders!!!  Since the water temperatures are still a bit warm, our surface fishing from the boat for our salmon and trout might start a little later this season, maybe mid November.  I hope the weather does a gradual cool down so we can get some salmon and trout fishing in, unlike last year, when all of a sudden, the temperatures dropped below freezing and the season was cut short.  Now, the spawning run up the rivers for our salmon, is on right now!!  I heard some 10lb plus landlocks have been caught recently.  Fishing our rivers in the fall, the regulations are:  artificial or live bait "no weight",  which basically means flies or worms, not weighted.  These are landlocked salmon, and they do not die after spawning.   No snagging of lifting.  In Lake Champlain itself, you can us anything.

Well Guys, I guess that is it for now.  Just want you to know we still have dates open for this month, hope you can make it.

I guess the next update will be our "Ice Fishing" one, can you believe it?!

Take Care Now

- Pete