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Well, I have one word for this past spring, awful!  Even though we had plenty of water this year (if you remember we had a severe drought last year) the fishing was not good.  As you can see by these photos below we did catch some real good ones but the numbers were not there.  Many days we worked hard just to catch 20 fish, some days not even a dozen.  Usually, many days in the spring, we catch 60 ,80 or even 100 fish a boat a day, but there were very few days like that this year! And it didn't matter what you were going after, trout, salmon pike or bass it was all the same.  I guess it had to be weather related.  Air and water temperatures this spring were going up and down 10 degrees to 20 degrees every other week, so I would say that is the reason.  By the way, this is number 35 in the booking of fishing guide excuses, haha!  I tell you guys, I’ve never apologized so much as much as I did this spring for the bad fishing.  I know i can't do anything about the weather but it was discouraging.

Now, on Long Pond, it was very good fishing and there were some days that the guys fishing on their own caught more than the guys fishing the big lake, so go figure.  Anyway, everything has straightened out now and the summer fishing hopefully will be normal.

Summer Fishing

The most action fishing here from July thru September is our deep-water trolling for trout and salmon.   Here are some photos from this summer:

Trout and salmon fishing, impressive, huh?!! We also caught quite a few deep-water jigging with spoons and tube jigs which is fun and for those of you who are coming this summer, you will be able to

Do both.   Our lake trout are now approaching 20 pounds!!  On Champlain, bass and pike start moving out to the deep-water areas and spread out.  So, locating them is a little more difficult than it is in the spring and fall.  We don't catch many but we do catch good ones! Just like everywhere else, in summer, the guys who fish long pond, fish early morning and late evening for the bass and pike.

The Fall Ahead

In recent years the fall bite for bass and pike starts around the last week of September or the first week of October and that is the beginning of "trophy" time.  The season for most of our biggest fish of the year in almost "all" our species.

If any of you guys are planning on coming up this fall to fish with us, and need to book for weekends, you should book now. Weekdays are not too much of a problem though you should have several dates in mind.  The next update will be out when the fall bite is on.

Well guys, I hope you have a great summer and hope to see you soon.

- Pete

P.S. If you happen to call and leave a message and I don't return your call, please call again...we have been having trouble with our voice mail.