LPL Update - May 2016


Slow Start, But Warming Up!

Hi Guys, 

Well the season has started off with some great catches as you can see!  But the season has started out slow.  We`ve been having some cold weather and has dropped the water temperatures quite a few degrees and has slowed the fishing.  However,, the Lipscomb party, which is one of our first groups of the year. just left and their total for the week was 930 smallmouths, including 90 over 4 lbs, and 6 over 5 lbs!  They weight every fish just to be sure.  It is way less then last year but still very impressive! The rivers are very low this year and they have been hard to fish for the smallies and the salmon! As of this writing, it does look like later this week we are going to get warmer temperatures and maybe some much needed rain, with the fishing hopefully to return to normal. The largemouths, pike, and lakers should be biting pretty soon.

Well Guys, I know this is a short update, but it is time to go fishing!

I hope to see you all soon!