LPL Update - December 2015


Im a Grandpa!!!

Hi everyone,

Well, the fishing season is about over according to the calendar, but the weather says something different??!! As of this writing, the mean water temperature on Champlain is 53 degrees!! That is over 10 degrees warmer then it should be at this time of the year?! As you can see by these photos from this past month we had some real nice catches. But the photos really don`t reflect the fishing we had. We basically had the same weather you guys did. One day hot and the next day cold?! Every other day we had a 20 to 30 degree temperature change which of course brought heavy winds!! We were blown off quite a few days in the past month, way more then normal?! Even though we had heavy winds the water temperatures hardly moved cause the air and water temperatures are almost exactly the same?! We believe the majority of our big smallmouths haven`t come in yet and there are no fishermen coming up to fish for them? The reason for that is that the season is usually over now and we are putting our boats away for the winter? Myself and some of the other guides are keeping our boats in for a while longer just to see if the smallmouths do come in and, if we will have any surface action for our trout and salmon this year?

Salmon and Trout

We have a couple of bright spots on our salmon and trout fishing. The US FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE had taken out the dam and the fish ladder on the Boquet river which now opens up many miles of fishing above for stream fishermen. And, they report that the rivers this fall were teeming with spawning salmon which hasn`t happened in many years. Looks like great fishing for next spring!!! Can`t wait!!

I'm a Grandpa!!!

Great news, Casey and Lena had a baby boy and his name is “CADE”!!! Jane and I are having a lot of fun, and I am trying to make sure his first word is “GITZIT”. Hahaha!!! Everyone is doing fine.

Cade Heinz Casamento.... Casey and Lena’s new son.. Cade was born at his new home at 133 Austin Road in Morrisonville, NY. He was born at 3:30 pm on October 19th 2015, a healthy baby boy weighting in at 8 1/2 pounds. Mom and baby are doing great and Casey ended his fishing season with the trophy of a life time.

Well guys, next update will be Ice Fishing time, “OR NOT” (global warming)? Usually though, the day after Christmas we have ice fishermen, and it`s a great time, “First ice”

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!