LPL Update - November 2014



If any of you have time off during the Christmas and New Years, it is a great time to come up and ice fish with us.

Hi Everyone!

Did it get cold quick or what!!?? We just started getting into our salmon season and the cold and wind came!? Looks like we are going to have an early ice fishing season. There is already ice around the shorelines of Long Pond, and if this cold weather keeps up we will be ice fishing in a couple of weeks!! Just in case, I am keeping my boat ready in case it warms up, cause the “Salmon” are in!

GREAT FALL (but windy)

As you can see by these photos from the past month, we had a great fall and if we weren't blown off so many days, it would have even better?! We caught a number of 20 LB plus Pike, 5 LB plus Largemouths “AND” Smallmouths, 6 LB plus Lakers, 4 LB PLUS Pickerel, and right now, we are getting 2 to 4 LB Landlocked Salmon!!! We are catching them trolling right on the surface, in the prop-wash, with flies and small spoons!!! It really is a blast!!

Looks like after 15 years of waiting for our salmon fishing to come back, I can honestly say, “They Are Back”. I am really looking forward to ice out next Spring when they should be coming in big time!!


One of our oldest and dearest friend and fisherman, JIM BOOKER, died this passed month. Jim, a “gentle giant”, was a great fisherman, fly tier, wood carver, painter, cartoonist, and one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet. Many years he was at our booth at the shows tying flies for us. He invented the now famous streamer fly, the “CHAMPLAIN JANE” named after my wife, Jane. He has been with us since the early 80`s and was very good to our kids when they were growing up. We could never thank him enough for what he has done for us over the years. He died at the age of 56, I wish he had taken better care of himself cause he deserved to live a long life. He will always be in our thoughts and prayers.


If any of you have time off during the Christmas and New Years, it is a great time to come up and ice fish with us. As a matter of fact, early ice as well as late ice, are the best times to go ice fishing. Come on up, you`ll have fun!!! If you come, January`s update will have your photos in it?!