LPL Update - July & August


coveraugWell, we wait all winter for our spring fishing to start, which seems to take a long time to come, and then, IT'S GONE!

Hi Guys,

Well, we wait all winter for our spring fishing to start, which seems to take a long time to come, and then, IT'S GONE! As short as it seemed it was a good one, especially for the Smallmouths, Trout, and Salmon!! As you can see from these photos from June and last months photos from Ma, we caught some Monsters!! I believe almost everyone did great, both in numbers and size. The river fishing was exceptionally great this year. The guys were not only catching big smallmouths in the river, but big landlocked salmon at the same time!!!! For some reason, Champlain didn't produce many Pike or Largemouths?? But on the other hand our lake, LONG POND, produced big catches of pike and largemouths!

Summer Fishing

Right now the water temperatures are rising fast and the bass and pike are making their way to the deeper weed beds and reefs off shore. From now thru mid September they will stay there and we will be fishing for them with many types of heavier jigs, drop shot, deep diving crankbaits, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits. Now, you are not going to catch nearly as many fish as you do in the spring and fall, but we do catch some real big ones!!

Our lake trout and salmon fishing in the summer is strictly deepwater trolling, but it is the only way to some great catches of fish. When you come with us to fish for trout and salmon with a guide, it is a “HANDS ON” experience. You are not just sitting there having a rod handed to you, you do it all!! That makes it much more enjoyable and exciting for everyone!! This type of fishing runs usually thru mid October, and as the waters cool, they come right to the surface and then we are fishing them right on the top and sometimes casting for them.

Fall Bookings

Fall is our second busiest time of the year and it is #1 for the biggest fish of the year!! And that`s for almost “ALL” our species! if I had to narrow down a time frame for the most action in the fall, it would be from Columbus Day thru Veterans Day. That is how it has been for the past few years. Now we already have a number of fishermen booked for the fall, so if any of you are thinking of coming up in Oct or November, especially weekends, let me know as soon as possible, OK??

Well guys, I guess that is it for another update but I would like to end it with a sincere THANK YOU to all of you who came up this spring. I had a great time with you guys, lots of laughs and great stories we shared!! Many of you have been coming up for over 20 years! And some over 30! You are really great friends to me!! Thanks so much!!

Bye for now and I hope to see you guys again real soon!!