LPL Update - June 2014


Smallmouth Bass FishingPat McEvoy and Pepe Boyd had a banner day catching 75 smallies with a total weight of 273 pounds!

Hi Guys:
I told you we would have a lot more photos, and here they are!!!

Right now we are catching and releasing hundreds of Bass a day and as you can see, some great Pike and Salmon as well.
This year the fishing turned on about two weeks later because the water just won’t warm up.  But I think everything has finally caught up and we should be right on time for some “great” top water action in a couple of weeks.
Sam Proctor was the first to catch a 6 pounder this year and now we have several.  The photo of the two smallies on one lure is also Sam’s fish!!!
Pat McEvoy and Pepe Boyd had a banner day catching 75 smallies with a total weight of 273 pounds.  That’s an average of 3.64 pounds.  Pat had 18 fish between 4 to 5 1/2 pounds and Pepe had 15 between 4 to 5 1/2 pounds!!!  Every fish weighted on a certified scale, "INCREDIBLE!”
This action will continue right thru late July with a lot of top water from mid June thru mid July.  The SENKO and crank bait action should start pretty soon when the water gets a little warmer, and the bass get more active.  Right now thru July is probably the best time to come up for some deep water trolling for our Landlocked Salmon and Lakers.  If you are a stream fisherman, again, now thru July is the very best time up here.  In late June, right after school is out, we have a lot of father and sons and daughters  coming up to fish.  Our lake, Long Pond right now is probably the hottest Lake around for action.  The guys have been averaging 50 to 80 Bass and Pike a day out there and it usually lasts thru mid July.  Then the rest of the summer it is strictly early morning/evening bite.
Well, guys it’s back to fishing for me......
Hope to see you soon,