LPL Update - April 2013



Well, we have officially started our 35th fishing season!

The trout, salmon and smallies are in and it will only be a matter of days before the lakers and pike start to hit. It's Great, It's been a L-O-N-G winter! Even though the ice on the lakes went out early, it just remained cold.  And with no spring rains and very little snow in the mountains to melt, the waters took a long time to warm up.

Spring Fishing

Right now the landlocked salmon, along with the lake run browns and rainbows are running up the river mouth areas and along the shorelines of Lake Champlain. All the inland rivers streams and lakes should have been already stocked with trout by our state and county hatcheries. Besides the thousands of 8 – 10 inch trout  they stock, they also put in hundreds of 14 –22 inch fish. I don't know if you know this or not, but there is great spring fishing in some of our inland lakes for trout. We have a Ball trolling small lures and flies right near the surface with ultralite and fly tackle.
As you can see from these recent photos we`re catching very nice smallmouths! Since the water is still so cold, right now they are only hitting jigs and creature baits fished slow on the bottom. A rise of a few more degrees, and they be hitting suspended jerkbaits and slow moving crankbaits.  Topwater for smallies really doesn`t start until around mid to late June and it is good until mid July.  At least that is how it has been in the past couple of years ? June is probably the very best month of the year to catch a variety of different species of fish. After Mid july the fish go deep and spread out for the summer and it requires a little more work to find them.

Long Pond 

Our lake, Long Pond, is already producing some nice fish!! If you have been looking at the updates we sent out this past winter, you'll see just what quality fish we have in long pond !!  The dock is in, the boats are ready and the fish are waiting , so “Come On Up” !!!

Sucess Ration

As I mentioned earlier, this is our 35th year in business and we believe one of the reasons for success and longevity is our “catch success ratio”. Even after all these years, it is well over 95%.

The reason for this is all the cooperation from our guides.  Lures, techniques, hot spots etc are shared by all our guides, because the purpose is for everyone to catch fish, so everyone will want to come back. After all, “Repeat” fishermen have built our business over the years and we thank you all.

Believe it or not our guide service has “Scouts.” Our scouts are long time client fishermen who have learned the area with us and now bring up their own boats. They do the same thing, communicate with our guides and the guides communicate with them. So, no one has to search for long to get on fish and that`s a great thing !!  Our newest Scout is “ME”!!  Since I am now officially retired and collecting, I`m not anywhere done fishing by any means, it's a great fit for me!  You don't have to worry I'll be out there scouting and trying to find new areas for you to fish. But I assure you, I won't be out there in that rough stuff.  Most of you guys know exactly what I mean.                                                                    


As of this writing, except for a few weekdays at the end of the month, May is full.  June has only a few dates open on the weekends, but we still have a number of week days open. Believe it or not, right during top water time too?! Just a reminder, any of you who have booked with us a while ago and have not confirmed with a deposit or phone call, call me as soon as you can, ok?

Some Good News 

I have heard that the state is going to drop fees of the fishing and hunting licenses next season. Annual licenses will be due yearly from the date purchased and not that Oct 1st to Sept 30th thing. Sounds Great Huh?
Well Guys it's time to go FISHING!  Hope to see all of you up here real soon!!!
Have a good one,