The Fishing


With the exception of Bass and Walleye you can fish for most species of game fish all year in certain areas. 

Listed below are our most popular game fish and the best time of the year to try to Catch a Trophy. It is best to make your reservations early to ensure getting the dates you want.

Ice Fishing for Northern Pike, Perch and Crappies from late December thru Mid March. Lake Trout, Salmon, Walleye and Smelt from late January thru March. 

Landlocked Salmon: 

Late April thru November. 


Smallmouth Bass: 

 Mid May thru Mid-November


 May, July thru August (Night)

Lake Trout: 

 May thru early November 

Largemouth Bass:

 Mid May thru early November 

Northern Pike: 

 Mid May thru Mid November

Stream Trout Fishing: 

 Late April thru October